Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Note: This is an inside joke.

Milk? Yes MILK

Our product is confirm 100% fresh!
The Contributor <3

You don't understand? Nvm, I won't blame you. 
Imma quote fun fact 31
"If you didn't get it, it was an inside joke."
note: The fun fact thingy is also an inside joke.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mickey Mao iz cute.



Yesterday was his 1st ever birthday partay. Mickey Mouse theme. How cute :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hiatus, again.

Yada yada Wtfish is on hiatus again. But this lil bloggie really looks so pathetic, readers dropped, pageviews dropped blah blah. Okay, here are some updates then :P

Hey hey look at meee~<3

NOOOO don't eat meeeee!!!

Lol. Looks bloody.
& tadaa
Inspired by some cute lil pichas xD

Most of the brushes were downloaded from deviantart, here  & etc etc. Sorry that I couldn't credit to all contributors, too many brushes that i downloaded!

Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

iPhone captures the precious moment of Koii <3
NOM!! It reminds me that 'an apple a day, keeps doctor away!' :]

It also bring us laughters. LMAO

It can also be my 2nd home! :D My 2nd aquarium!!

So, PLEASEEEEE <3 *blinky blinky blink blink* Yellow love, Digi love, Apple love! :DD


We love iPhone
We love Apple <3 
& We love our life :]

Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

iPhone 4 @Digi also proudly presents their very own iDigi Plans! :D Monthly fees starts as low as RM58 per month!! It's more affordable right?
What does RM58 include? Check it out :]
[Click for larger image]
Woots! Monthly free usage, lowest rate after monthly free usage, cheaper calls to friends & family, FREE CALLS, SMS & MMS TO SUPPLEMENTARY LINES &&&&&&&

Gosh, 1GB per month for RM58! It's as cheap as using a broadband to surf the net!
For mobile use, 1GB is far enough for me :D
How can an iPhone user resists this temptation!!
& How can an iPhone user without INTERNET!
If the iPhone is without internet, why are we using iPhone?!!! ROAR!!

RM58~~ whoaaaaa~~

RM58 sahajaaaaaaaaaa~!!


With this iDigi PLAN, I can surf the net whenever I want! 
Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Blogger, Foursquare, etc etc etc! Everything can be done at anytime, anywhere! :D
Gonna love this gao gao ar!
I'm lovin' it <3
love it love it love it love it~~~

"Come back come back, iPhone isnt yours, it's PAPA's >:D"

Uh huh.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

We love iPhone & of course its Apps!! <3
Tons of Apps are available for Apple users & most of them are free too! FREE STUFFSSS~ Aunty Koii does love free stuffs xD
FREE! lol

Among these Apps, I've tried out some of them but mostly games lar. Uh huh, so, too bad, I can only introduce GAMES here! 

First of all, *drums roll*! iDrag Paper!! 
Wth iDrag Paper? I think most of the iPhone users had tried this before. It's actually.. kinda.. ehem. Just use ur hands, fingers or whatever & DRAGGGGGGGGGG the toilet roll using your fastest speed! :D
Just like what the description wrote : Have you ever had the impulse to drag the whole roll of toilet paper at one go? Now you can realize your evil idea just in iDragPaper! Lolllll hahahahaha!

& this is how I realize my evil idea in iDrag Paper! >:D


& DRAGGGG until..
Tangan patah lol.

My hands adi nak patah after trying 1 round lol, and even broke my friend's record? haha. But 2nd round can't tahan anymore =____=

Play play okay lar, but don't get addicted on it! Or else you'll become like this:
Em Lol.

 Check it out! > iDragPaper!! <

Here are some screenshots for chiuu:



& Here's another Apps, Talking Tom Cat!
Talking Tom Cat? Yea a talking cat! :D Here's the description: 
Tom is your pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice.
You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail.

Uh huh, sounds fun huh.


Haha so cute~

Uh huh. Who bai chi huh?


& finally,

Ok, so this is how this app works. Kinda ehem. Childish? LOL.
But it's really very entertaining for kids as it will repeat what you say with a cute & funny voice.

Let's see some screenshots :D

Enjoy! :]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

What's so excited? 

It's IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!! >:DDDD

Uh, What tha fish is on hiatus? Wtfish I tak boleh tahan lah after saw this competition!
iPhone 4? MIEN! Tak boleh tahan tak boleh tahan anymore! 

The question asks me that why I want an iPhone 4 from Digi?
Duh, coz I want lah LOL. Everybody wanna iPhone 4 weh!

Ehem, kay lah. Actually I want this iPhone 4 for Digi coz I wanna give it to my papa~

So this is my Papa. I let him to become an apple duh. Coz he loves apple, I mean Apple products!! :D
He loves them, but they're costly :[ So he only managed to buy a Macbook. N years ago lah. 

Oh bout Apple products, we have been using Apple products since small :D
What product?

It's Macintosh! Apple's grandpa LOL.
Since my dad's working in a factory and there're so many rejected computers, so he always brought back and let us to play hahaha.
Antique hor antique! Old old Macintosh! >:D
and left one is the only Macbook my papa's using now. Another old old stuff again lol. So laggish blah blah. He still loves it anyway <3

Papa always loves hi-tech stuffs, like smartphones. Of course Apple iPhone is the first choice!
But too bad it's too costly. So he went to buy a so-called Nokia N98 that's from China lol.
I wonder is there Nokia N98? LOL
Hey not bad somemore, can watch tv lehs! Got antenna somemore horr!
I think he bought it for RM200 (Wah freakin cheap lah! Dual sim, tv, touchscreen weh!).
But at last,

Never heard that a phone will pregnant? Here it is.
For safety purpose, this phone is sent to rubbish bin.
No more smartphone, papa has to stick with the old old GSM phone again. Poor thing.

Since the day iPhone was launched,
Papa had been 'craving' for it.

And then,
3G & 3GS,

And now,

And lol.

So, don't make my Apple papa disappoint, GIMME THAT iPHONE!!! MWAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHHA!!!!

LOVE iPHONE 4evah! <3

Give papa his dearest iPhone, and he will *ding*! & perhaps smile at the phone whole day i think. lol

Papa loves iPhone, so do I! :]
An apple a day, keeps doctor away! <3
So, stay healthy by OWNING AN IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

A fish tweets?

I actually have a twitter account! :D